3 comments on “wealth 101

  1. Your so right! I mean once we get a job, that is the income and benefits that we are stuck with until we either find another job or find other streams of income, its not like our job will amazingly pay us that much more over time!

  2. I agree, the more we invest in ourselves the more profit we can see. And the great thing about investing in yourself is that it doesn’t always have to cost money, just reading books from the library on various topics from finance to african american studies can give you just as much knowledge. My .02cents is to invest educationally (reading books) and invest in property (there’s a lot of property that has become affordable and dropped in value due to the recession, banks want 20% down which is crazy stupid, so its best to go in half with a friend if you can or find a house thats reasonable enough where you can pay cash or do owner financing). Areas to look at: Westport, Baltimore and N. Broadway.

  3. Hey Ree, this is good stuff, loved how you explained the fact that there is a balance of value, so we can’t take things for granted or expect things to come to us without first giving value. 😀

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